9 Creative Ways to Display Christmas Cards

I love getting Christmas cards!  But I currently just shove them all in a box.  I’d much rather find some nice way to display all the holiday greetings from friends and family, so I dug up these 9 creative card display ideas.

9 creative ways to display Christmas cards

1. Source: Thyme is Honey

Washi tape wall mounted Christmas card display

This washi tape tree is festive and easy to remove at the end of the Christmas season.

2. Source: Lolly Jane

Chicken wire frame Christmas card display

A simple frame filled with chicken wire gives ample opportunity to pin up Christmas cards.

3. Source: Reasons to Skip the Housework

Framed light up Christmas card display

I love how this Christmas card display uses battery operated lights as the strings from which to hang the cards.

4. Source: The Lily Pad Cottage

old windows used to display Christmas cards

Aren’t these old windows the perfect backdrop for hanging holiday greetings?

5. Source: Organize Your Stuff Now

Christmas card display wreath tutorial

Or make this charming clothespin wreath to hold all the Christmas cards.

6. Source: Kristen Duke Photography

burlap ribbon Christmas card display tutorial

No pins or tape or clothespins needed for these burlap ribbon Christmas card displays.

7. Source: Design Improvised

recycled cd rack Christmas card display

This is so clever–an old CD rack repurposed into a sleek Christmas card display!

8. Source: Hey There, Home

Scrap wood Christmas tree Christmas card display

A little scrap wood, a little wire, a little time and you’ve got this lovely Christmas card display.

9. Source: Home with Lo

wooden sled Christmas card holder

Transform a decorative or antique wooden sled into a festive Christmas card holder.


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