12 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Garlands

Happy February!  Do you decorate for Valentine’s day?  I don’t usually, but these 12 darling DIY Valentine’s day garlands are tempting me to start.

12 gorgeous valentine's day garlands and bunting tutorials

1. Source: The Idea Room

paper heart garland tutorial

Scrapbook paper is turned into a darling Valentine’s day garland with dimension.

2. Source: Tell Love and Party

DIY Candy hearts valentine's day garland tutorial

Conversation hearts are absolutely classic for Valentine’s day.  I might not like how they taste, but I love them in garland form!


3.Source: Glorious Treats

burlap valentine's day garland tutorial

I love the texture in this burlap stamped Valentine’s day garland.

4. Source: Red Ted Art

hugs and kisses paper valentine's day garland tutorial

Isn’t this paper XO hugs and kisses garland just darling?


5. Source: Lia Griffith

paper heart sewn valentine's day garland

Your sewing machine can sew paper, too–did you know?  I love the two layer heart garland made this way.

6. Source: Happiness is Homemade

heart playing card and fabric valentine's day garland tutorial

Heart suite playing cards and scrap fabric make an absolutely darling Valentine’s day garland.

7. Source: Saved by Love Creations

dollar store doily heart valentine's day garland

Dollar store doilies make a magnificent and inexpensive Valentine’s day garland.

8. Source: Eighteeen25

Valentine's day burlap garland tutorial

More painted burlap garland!  I love the addition of the felt hearts on this one.

9. Source: A Pretty Life

eclectic valentine's day light garland tutorial

Turn a string of lights into this eclectic valentine’s day garland.

10. Source: The Little Things EV

curtain of hearts garland for Valentine's day

Hang a bunch of heart garlands to create a curtain of hearts for Valentine’s day.

11. Source: Flamingo Toes

Love note sewn fabric Valentine's day garland

This love note, sewn fabric Valentine’s day garland will be treasured for years to come.

12. Source: The Crafting Chicks

layered tassel garlands for Valentine's day

I love the way the garlands are layered in this Valentine’s day mantle display.

Tassel garlands are easy to make, but if you’d rather buy them, that’s even easier!  Here’s a lovely Valentine’s day tassel garland from Amazon.

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