11 Irresistible Chocolate Bath and Beauty Tutorials

Chocolate is good in any form, but have you ever considered making some tempting chocolate bath and body products?  Lucky for you, I’ve found 11 irresistible tutorials to try.

11 irresistible chocolate bath and beauty tutorials

1. Source: The Gunnysack

chocolate mint lip balm recipe and tutorial

I’d be very happy keeping my lips soft and kissable with this chocolate mint lip balm recipe and tutorial.  Need the cute little lip balm containers?  You can buy them here.

2. Source: Mom Makes Joy

dark chocolate soap tutorial

This dark chocolate soap looks so luscious I’m almost tempted to eat it.  But I’ll settle for enjoying the delicious scent.

3. Source: Simplistically Living

DIY chocolate bath salts tutorial

Chocolate bath salts, people!  Baths plus chocolate!  It doesn’t get any better than that.

4. Source: Humblebee and Me

Chocolate and Roses Valentine Soap

This chocolate and rose soap is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s day.

want to make your own soap like this?  You’ll need a soap mold and cutters (buy here).

5 Source: Premeditated Leftovers

Hot chocolate lip balm tutorial

Mmm…hot chocolate lip balm.  Pass me a tin.

Looking for metal lip balm containers like this?  You can buy them here.

6. Source: Classy Clutter

Cocoa bath soak tutorial

Imagine how cozy you’d be with a mug of hot cocoa in a bath with hot chocolate soak.

7. Source: Moments with Mandi

DIY Chocolate Body Butter

Keep your body deliciously soft with this chocolate body butter.

8. Source: The Nourished Life

Chocolate mint foaming salt scrub recipe and

Ooh, I love the fact that this is a foaming chocolate mint salt scrub.  Sounds like fun!

Looking for containers for your body butter?  You can buy them here.

9. Source: Soap Deli News

Valentine's day chocolate truffle bath melts tutorial

These chocolate truffle bath melts are absolutely perfect for a DIY Valentine’s day gift.  Silicone molds (buy here) make forming the shapes easy.

10. Source: Lovely Greens

chocolate bath bombs recipe and tutorial

Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs sound like deliciously good fun.

Looking for molds for your bath bombs?  You can get them here.

11. Source: Sweet T Makes Three

godiva dark chocolate lip scrub tutorial

I’d be tempted to scrub my lips every day with this Godiva dark chocolate coconut lip scrub.

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