13 DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorials

I love homemade ornaments–from the adorably messy ones made by my small children to fancy ones made by friends,  I love them all.  If you love them and love to make them, too, here are 13 Christmas ornament tutorials for you to make.

13 DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorials

1. Source: Chicken Scratch NY

Christmas needle punch ornament

Have you ever done punch needle embroidery?  I haven’t, but it looks so easy and fun!

2. Source: Tikkido

faux quilted Christmas ornament tutorial

No quilting necessary to make this beautiful, faux quilted Christmas tree ornament.

3. Source: Molly and Mama

felt donut Christmas ornament tutorial

I have two garlands in my kitchen that feature just food-themed Christmas ornaments.  I think I need to make some of these.

4. Source: Simple as That

easy photo Christmas ornament tutorial

I make photo Christmas ornaments every year.  I love this technique–so elegant and quick.

5. Source: Tikkido

victorian tinsel icicle Christmas ornament tutorial

Make Victorian style metal tinsel icicles with this tutorial.  You won’t believe what the secret to the method is!

6. Source: Mom vs. the Boys

beach memory sand and shells Christmas ornament

Did you go to the beach this year?  Gather some sand and seashells and memories to make a Christmas ornament to commemorate your trip.

7. Source: Where the Smiles Have Been

yarn ball christmas ornament tutorial

Know someone who loves to knit?  He or she needs this easy knitting ball of yarn ornament!

8. Source: Tikkido

Miniature gingerbread baking scene Christmas ornament tutorial

Or are you a big-time Christmas baker?  This miniature gingerbread man baking scene Christmas ornament is just perfect.

9. Source: Simple as That

Faux wood burned Christmas ornament tutorial

Wood burning is actually way harder than I thought it would be to do.  So these faux wood-burned Christmas ornaments look like a MUCH better idea to me.

10. Source: Left on Peninsula Road

winter hat Christmas ornament made from yarn

Get the kids involved in the Christmas ornament fun with these darling little winter hat ornaments made from yarn.

11. Source: MyMa

gilded modern Christmas ornament tutorial

These DIY gold-leaf-embellished ornaments are absolutely stunning and elegant.

12. Source: Fireflies and Mudpies

Scrap ribbon Christmas tree ornament tutorial

This scrap ribbon Christmas tree ornament is a great, easy project for the kids to make.

13. Source: Clean and Scentsible

popsicle stick sled Christmas ornament tutorial

These popsicle craft stick sled Christmas ornaments are absolutely darling.  I want to shrink to lilliputian size and take a ride.

Is your Christmas tree covered in homemade treasures?

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