10 Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gift

Sometimes cash is the gift that’s right to give, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun giving it!  Here are 10 creative ways to wrap and give money as a gift.

10 creative ways to package up and give cash as a gift

1.  Source: Patti Cappell Designs

DIY Cash booklet gift

This is a great step-by-step tutorial for making your own book of cash.  Peel off the money as you need it.

2. Source: Sugar and Charm

cash in a clear, confetti filled balloon

You get a pretty, confetti-filled balloon (so festive) AND cash with this gift!

3. Source: Jill’s Card Creations

DIY birthday card with cash candles

I love this clever DIY card that uses rolled up bills as the candles.

4. Source: The Country Chic Cottage

Christmas ornaments with cash hidden inside tutorial

There’s cash hidden inside the shiny filling of these Christmas ornaments!

5. Source: Kim Welling

bunny holding money DIY card to give cash as a gift

How sweet is this little money bunny card?

6. Source: Inspired Barn

Cash gift topper tutorial

Now this is some elaborate gift giving!  The origami money gift topper is amazing.

7. Source: Everything Nothing Wonderful

tutorial for putting cash inside a bar of soap, no soap making required!

Tutorial for putting cash in the center of a bar of soap–and you don’t even have to do any soap making!

8. Source: Making Memories with your Kids

Great way to give cash as a present to a college kid

Wouldn’t this be a great gift for a college kid?

9. Source: Martha Stewart

rolls of coins wrapped like candy for stocking stuffers

Rolls of coins are packaged as candies to make these darling cash stocking stuffers.

10. Source: Kreative Kristie

Hide money in the center of a jar of candy for a clever cash gift.

Getting candy is already good, but when there’s cash hidden inside, too, it’s great!

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