11 DIY Advent Calendars for Christmas

If you’re planning to do a DIY advent calendar, you’ll need to get started now so it’ll be ready to go on December 1st.  Here are 11 tutorials you can use.

11 DIY advent calendar tutorials for Christmas

1.  Source: The Thud

rustic presents advent calendar tutorial

A rustic branch and pretty packages tied up with string… this is definitely one of my favorite things.

2. Source: Pretty Little Party Shop

paper cup advent calendar tutorial

Turn paper cups into a stylish and fun advent calendar this year.

3. Source: Craftsy

felt gingerbread house advent calendar

Looking for something you can use every year?  I love this felt gingerbread house advent calendar.

4. Source: My Sister’s Suitcase

non candy DIY advent calendar

No sweets or treats in this advent calendar, just an elegant design and a countdown to Christmas.

5. Source: Etsy

bunting Christmas advent calendar

This Christmas bunting doubles as an advent calendar, with room to hide little treats inside a pocket in each triangle.

6. Source: Make and Do Crew

pottery barn style DIY advent calendar tutorial

This simple, re-usable advent calendar was inspired by one from Pottery Barn.  The DIY version here is gorgeous, and much more affordable.

7. Source: Imagine our Life

felt gingerbread house advent calendar tutorial and pattern

Another fun felt gingerbread house advent calendar!  This one has miniature felt ornaments to decorate a felt Christmas tree.

8. Source: A Beautiful Mess

Star box garland advent calendar tutorial

Small golden star shaped boxes are strung together to make this garland advent calendar.

9. Source: Ravelry

Crochet santa pillow advent calendar

Skilled with a crochet hook?  make this Santa pillow advent calendar.

10. Source: Add a Pinch

printable activity advent calendar

I love this idea (and free printables!) for an activity based advent calendar.

11. Source: The Mad House

reverse advent calendar idea

And how wonderful is this idea?  A reverse advent calendar, in which you collect items to give away to those who need help.

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