12 Brilliant Halloween Balloon Craft Tutorials

You can create amazing Halloween decorations out of balloons–without spending much money, either.  Here are 12 brilliant Halloween balloon projects to get you going.

balloon tutorial halloween decorations

1.  Source: The House that Lars Built

balloon pumpkin photo backdrop

Balloons are especially great for creating inexpensive, large scale party decorations.  But as this tutorial demonstrates, you don’t have to be a pro to get amazing decorations for your party!

2. Source:  One Little Project

candy filled balloon pumpkins

Small balloons are fun, too.  Especially when they’re filled with candy like a pinata, and dressed up for Halloween as a Jack-o-Lantern.

3. Source: Eighteen 25

halloween balloon garland

Another fabulous example of balloons used to create a large-scale piece of party decor.

4. Source: Makezine

spiderweb balloon

A spider web inside a balloon?  Brilliant!

5. Source: Studio DIY

balloon eyeballs

Round balloons are easily transformed into giant eyeballs with this Halloween tutorial.

6. Source: Eighteen 25

ghost balloon

Do you “Boo” your neighbors?  Here’s a fun, easy way to share some Halloween fun!

7. Source:  Popsugar

balloon pumpkin ghost skeleton halloween

A permanent marker is all you need to turn a bouquet of balloons into a Halloween centerpiece.

8. Source:  Studio DIY

silly ghost balloon

Like friendly ghosts?  Me, too, so I love these goofy, silly balloon ghosts.

9. Source: Aww Sam

popcorn box halloween costume

Now THIS is a Halloween costume!  turn small balloons into popcorn and totally win the costume contest.

10. Source: Delia Creates

balloon halloween game

These balloons look cute as a pumpkin patch, but it’s also a fun game for the guests!  Plus, there are four other Halloween game ideas in the link.

11. Source: Design Improvised

jack-o-lantern balloon garland

Simple faces turn these orange balloons into jack-o-lanterns for a fabulous Halloween garland.

12. Source: Ask Me for a Balloon

balloon twisting spider

Last but not least, here’s an easy-to-follow video tutorial for making these awesome balloon spiders!

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